A 18 track ambient album (42m 52s) — released July 31st 2000 on ASH INTERNATIONAL

Hermetic sound artist Andrew Lagowski (aka Search for Extra Terretrial Intelligence) uses surveillance devices and shortwave transmitters to sound the static codes of the night sky. Formerly of murky Throbbing Gristle fanboys Lustmord, Lagowski escaped from the 80s with an industrial strength dose of X-Files inspired geek paranoia, using SETI releases to further document his gradual uncovering of 'above top secret' government/alien backhanders. The third part of his alien trilogy, Pod sees him freeting over mankind's need to leave the planet and grow space brains. Sonically, it's not as beautifully disconcerting as Disinformation's wiretapping, but it's still fairly a absorbing listen, as distant electronics break up, voices crackle into dead hiss and the whole thing begins to pulse with a cold, silver radiance. But don't listen to it alone. - David Keenan The Wire

The third release in Andrew Lagowski's alien trilogy explores the sounds of alien abduction. Through minimal sounds and samples, he evokes the desolation of an empty desert road; the near silence of of outer space; the chattering of insect-like beings in a dark corner of a government bunker. Lagowski clearly has an ambiguous attitude towards this entire ET thing: - Outburn

The album itself consists of eighteen tracks, varying in length from a few seconds to several minutes. All have a distinct space theme, as you would expect given the subject matter. Content ranges from discussions between Houston and an astronaut, short bursts of noise resembling space monitoring station recordings and long periods of eerie desolate space noise. The most effective music on this album is the sparse, drifting, atmospheric tones that conjure up images of astronauts in deepest space, surrounded by emptiness on all sides but with the added fear and possibility that there just might be something out there watching them.These are the images and feelings that the greatest of the classic space movies are made of, and are the sort of environments that prolonged exposure to will drive anyone insane. This is very intense music that creates tense atmospheres and sense of fear and potential danger, the empty space noise almost resembling etheral voices desperately trying to communicate at times.This album is not dissimilar in style to the work of Biosphere and Hazard for sheer intensity and atmospheric quality. Artwork is again by Jon Wozencroft and is up to his usual high standard. If you admire music that will allow you to think about it's subject matter, sendimages cascading through your mind or make you drift off into a whole other state of mind, this is an album for you (especially if you're anX-Files fan or conspiracy theorist). - Paul Lloyd Grooves

This is the third in Andrew Lagowski's excusions into the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, and perhaps the most disengaged from the planet of sound. The theme is escape from Earth and oneself - hence the title. Much more Solaris than Apollo 13 in other words, and with nods to both the end sequence of 2001 and thirty years of NASA research and/or cover up along the way too.The hum of a spaceship interior; squarking astronauts and Houston; the interrupted radio signals; solar flares brushing into audible bandwidths; winds dusting the surface of Mars; imaginary landscapes; real conspiracies; mains ignition; coded transmissions form Earth to the alien motherships; a rapidly jacked-out comms port; post-Ambient signifiers of giant spaceships and otherness; wow and flutter; saucers full of black secret technology; skiffy signifiers, spheres in disharmony; voices from beyond the wub; Discovery making a (hidden) discovery... Pod offers a trip into low orbit, to the reconditioned and privatised Mir, to the space stations of the mind. An impressionistic selection of extra-vehicular activities, spacewalkman-style, with vertigo included and alienation just a skip away. - Freq1C Freq

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